U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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September 13-14, 2011
Fall 2011 Board Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT


September 13

John Montgomery, DOE; Preservation of Yucca Mountain Project Documents

William Boyle, DOE; Overview of the DOE-NE Used Fuel Disposition (R&D) Program

Peter Swift, SNL; Basis for Identification of Disposal Options for Research and Development

Mark Nutt, ANL; Used Fuel Disposition Campaign Disposal R&D Roadmap Overview

Scott Painter, LANL; Development of Discrete Fracture Network Modeling Capability

Jens Birkholzer, LBNL; R&D Activities Supporting Disposal in Clay/Shale Repositories

Brady Hanson, PNNL; Gap Analysis to Support Extended Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel

September 14

Paul McConnell, SNL; Fuel Cycle Technologies Program Transportation R&D

John Wagner, ORNL; Engineering Analysis to Support Extended Storage and Transportation of Used Nuclear Fuel

John Kotek, BRC; Overview of the Draft Report of the Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future

Ward Sproat, DOE; Perspective on BRC Draft Report

John Kessler, EPRI; Extended Storage: Research Perspective

Adam Levin, Exelon Corporation;An Alternate Approach Towards Addressing the Technical Issues for Long-Term On-Site Storage of Used Nuclear Fuel

Wolfgang Faber, E. On-Kernkraft; EON Operational Experience

Wolfgang Faber, E. On-Kernkraft; Additional Slides

Patrice Fortier, Trans Nuclear Corporation; Overview of Used Fuel Transport Casks

Daniel Stout, TVA; TVA's Consideration of the Use of MOX to Fuel its Nuclear Reactors