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Summer 2017 Board Meeting - June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017
Summer 2017 Board Meeting
Richland, WA

  • High-level radioactive waste glass corrosion
Agenda - June 21, 2017 (pdf - 38KB) Summer 2017 Board Meeting (pdf - 58KB) June 21, 2017 Transcript (pdf - 473KB) Letter to Mr. James Owendoff and Mr. Edward McGinnis (August 16, 2017) (pdf - 267KB) Abstracts of Poster Presentations (pdf - 282KB) Bernd Grambow - Modeling of Glass Performance in Repository Environments - An International Perspective (pdf - 2.2MB) Carol Jantzen - Strategy for Glass Waste Form Acceptance for Geologic Disposal (pdf - 3MB) Wiilliam Ebert - DOE High-Level Waste Glass Corrosion Model and Its Implementation in Safety Analysis (pdf - 1.7MB) Stephane Gin - Current Understanding and Remaining Challenges in Measuring and Modeling Long-term Performance of Borosilicate Nuclear Waste Glass (pdf - 5.6MB) Ian Pegg - Glass Formulation and Durability Studies at the Vitreous State Laboratory (pdf - 2.4MB) Joseph Ryan - DOE Studies to Improve Understanding of Rate-Limiting Mechanisms under Varying Conditions (pdf - 4MB) Aurelie Verney-Carron - Studies on Natural and Archaeological Glasses - Opportunities to Learn about Long-term Nuclear Waste Glass Corrosion (pdf - 3.5MB) Agenda - NWTRB May 15, 2017 Briefing (pdf - 48KB) John Vienna - Approach to Answering NWTRB Questions (pdf - 211KB) John Vienna - Glass Compositions and Masses (pdf - 689KB) William Ebert - Historical Basis for Current High-Level Radioactive Waste Model (pdf - 653KB) John Vienna - General Program Description (pdf - 1.9MB) John Vienna - General Program Description, Relevant Citations (pdf - 47KB) William Ebert and Carol Jantzen - Stage 3 Testing and Modeling (pdf - 1.5MB) William Ebert - Approach to Implementation of Models in Generic Disposal System Analysis (pdf - 768KB)