U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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October 26, 2010
Fall Board Meeting
Dulles, VA


Russell Dyer, Former Project Manager and Chief Scientist, Yucca Mountain Project Office; Technical Experience Gaines - View from Within the Project

Ted Feigenbaum, Former General Manager, Bechtel-SAIC Company, Ltd.; Presentation by Ted Feigenbaum

Jean Younker, Former Deputy Assistant General Manager, Bechtel-SAIC Company, Ltd.; Technical Lessons Learned: The Yucca Mountain Experience

Steve Frishman, Technical Consultant to the State of Nevada; Presentation by Steve Frishman

Abigail Johnson, Nuclear Waste Advisory, Eureka County, NV; Yucca Mountain Program Oversight: Eureka County Perspective

Irene Navis, Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, Clark County, NV; Yucca Mountain Program Oversight: Clark County Lessons Learned

Connie Simkins,Coordinator of Nuclear Oversight Program, Lincoln County, NV; Presentation from Connie Simkins

Joe Ziegler, Consultant on Nuclear Safety and Licensing, Nye County, NV; Yucca Mountain Lessons Learned

Enrique Biurrun, DBE, Germany; Remarks on the US-DOE and on the German Repository Program - Lessons Learnt

John Mathieson, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, United Kingdom; Lessons Learned in the UK for Deep Geological Disposal Site Selection

Gerald Ouzounian, Andra, France; Status of the CIGEO Project in France

Olof Soderberg, Consultant, Sweden; Yucca Mountain - Lessons Learned