U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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June 29, 2010
Full Board Meeting
Idaho Falls, ID


Richard Provencher, DOE-ID; How We Got to This Point: History of Spent Fuel, High-Level Waste in Idaho

Susan Burke, State of Idaho Department of Environmental Quality; 1995 Settlement Agreement

Kathleen Hain, DOE-ID; Idaho Site Spent Nuclear Fuel Management

Ronald Ramsey, DOE-ID; Calcine Disposition Project

Shawn Hill, DOE-ID.; Sodium Bearing Waste Treatment Project

John McKenzie, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Naval Reactors

Patrick Schwab, DOE; Used Nuclear Fuel Disposition Program

Steven Piet, Idaho National Laboratory; VISION Simulations of Advanced Fuel Cycles for Commercial Nuclear Energy

Emory Collins, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Views on Practical Approaches to Recycling Used Fuel

John Rawls, General Atomics; Implications for Waste Handling of the Energy Multiplier Module

Otis Peterson, Hyperion Power Generation, Inc.; Hyperion Power Module