U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 28, 2009
Winter Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


J. Russell Dyer, OCRWM/DOE; Yucca Mountain Program Status Update

Peter Swift, SNL; Science Update

Zell Peterman, USGS; Thermal Experiments on Atmospheric and Subsurface Dust at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

John Whitney, USGS; Surface-Feature Indications that Yucca Mountain has NOT Experienced Extreme Ground Motions in the Past

Mark Board, HCItasca Denver, Inc.; Emplacement Drift Stability

Ernest Hardin, SNL; Effective Thermal Conductivity of Drift Collapse Material

Ernest Hardin, SNL; Waste Package and Clad Temperature in the Presence of Drift Collapse Materials

John Wagner, ORNL; Criticality: Basis for Exclusion and Role of Burnup Credit

Albert Machiels, EPRI; Direct Disposal of Dual-Purpose Canisters - Options for Assuring Criticality Control

Andrew Barto, NRC; Use of Burnup Credit When Performing Criticality Analyses for Spent Fuel Transportation Packages

Christopher White, OCRWM; Welding - Waste Package Closure System Prototype Update

Video from Christopher White