U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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May 15, 2007
Spring Board Meeting
Arlington, VA


Christopher Kouts, DOE; Program and Project Overview

Ray Wymer, Consultant; Chemistry Involving Depleted UO2 in the Proposed Yucca Mountain High-Level Waste Repository

John Bredehoeft and Michael King, Hydrodynamics Group;Radionuclide Transport from Yucca Mountain and Inter-basin Flow in Death Valley

J. Sam Armijo, University of Nevada, Reno; Second Generation Waste Package Design & Operating Mode for the Yucca Mountain Repository

James Laidler, ANL; GNEP: Waste Streams and Disposition Options

Paul Reimus, LANL; Saturated Zone Testing Highlights 2005 to 2006

Patrick Brady, SNL; Near-Field Chemistry

Mark Johnson, Bechtel SAIC; Waste Package Design and Prototyping

Kevin Coppersmith, Consultant; Probabilistic Volcanic Hazards Analysis Update