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September 25-26, 2006
Workshop on Localized Corrosion
Las Vegas, NV


September 25

Charles Bryan, SNL; Evolution of environments in a repository in Yucca Mountain

Roberto Pabalan, CNWRA, SwRI; Chemistry of water contacting engineered barriers

John Walton, University of Texas at El Paso; Effect of cyclic, sporadic, or episodic processes on evolution of environments in a repository in Yucca Mountain

Randy Arthur, Monitor Scientific, LLC; EPRI-sponsored studies on the evolution of environments at Yucca Mountain

Maury Morgenstein, GMII; Update of State of Nevada research on waste package environments in Yucca Mountain

September 26

Raúl Rebak, LLNL; Newer alloy-22 data and their relevance to high-temperature localized corrosion

Don Shettel, GMII; Environments of corrosion: Update

Lietai Yang, CNWRA, SwRI; Corrosion of alloy 22 in salt environments at elevated temperatures

Xihua He, CNWRA, SwRI; Localized corrosion initiation and propagation tests

Joe Payer, Case Western Reserve University; Rob Kelly, University of Virginia; Localized corrosion data and analyses from the Materials Performance Thrust of the OCRWM Science and Technology Program

Russ Jones, GT-Engineering; Sulfur enrichment on alloy 22

Osvaldo Pensado, CNWRA, SwRI; Corrosion models to support total system performance assessments

Fraser King, Integrity Corrosion Consulting Ltd.; Developments in modeling localized corrosion of alloy 22

Neil Brown, Bechtel SAIC; Development and implementation of the localized corrosion model

Tae Ahn, NRC; Yi-Ming Pan, CNWRA, SwRI; Summary of NRC work and waste package corrosion risk insights