U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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November 8-9, 2005
Fall Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


November 8

Victor Gilinsky, Consultant; The Proposed EPA Yucca Mountain Radiation Standard — Nevada's Views

Mark Peters, OCRWM; Science Update

Michael Anderson, BSC; Drip Shield Configuration and Emplacement

Gerald Gordon, Framatome; Drip Shield Creep and Environmental Degradation Update

Mark Board, Itasca Consulting Group; Mechanical Degradation of the Drip Shield

Charles Bryan, Sandia; Localized Corrosion Due to Dust Deliquescence on the Alloy 22 Waste Package Outer Barrier

Gabriel Ilevbare, Integrated Science Solutions, Inc.; Effects if Dust Deliquescence on Localized Corrosion of the Waste Package Outer Barrier (Alloy 22)

November 9

Christopher Kouts, DOE; Systems Integration and Total System Model

Abe Van Luik; DOE and Robert Andrews; BSC; Conservatisms in DOE's Performance Assessments: Role and Examples

Frank Kendorski, Consultant; Review and Critique of Drip Sheild Concept and Retrieval Concept Planned for the Yucca Mountain Project, Nevada