U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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February 9-10, 2005
Winter Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV and Caliente, NV


February 9

John Arthur, DOE; Office of Repository Development Project Update

Christopher Kouts, DOE; Systems Integration

William Boyle and Kirk Lachman, DOE; Integration of Total System Peformance Assessment (TSPA) and Repository Design

Paul Harrington, DOE; Project Operational Thermal Management Strategy

Mark Peters, ANL; Update on Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management (OCRWM) Science and Technology Program

Robert Andrews, Bechtel-SAIC; Science and Modeling Update

Deborah Barr, DOE; Performance Confirmation Program Background, Status, and Path Forward

February 10

Kevin Phillips, Mayor of Caliente; NWTRB in Caliente: Welcome and Introductory Remarks

Gary Lanthrum, DOE; Office of National Transportation Update

Gary Lanthrum, DOE; Planning the Nevada Rail Branch Line

Robert Halstead, State of Nevada; State of Nevada Views on the Proposed Caliente Rail Corridor

Kevin Phillips and Candice Trumell, Mayor of Caliente and Nye County Board of Commissioners; Caliente Corridor Local Perspectives