U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 21, 2004
Panel on the Waste Management System
Las Vegas, NV


January 21

Mark Abkowitz, NWTRB; Introductory Comments

John Vincent, NEI; Used Nuclear Fuel Transportation Responsibilities and Operations

Steve Edwards, Spent Fuel Management Progress Energy; Spent Nuclear Fuel Transportation Experience

Ian Hunter, Transnuclear, Inc.; Preparation of Waste Shipments Cask Vendor Perspective

Robert Fronczak, Association of American Railroads; AAR Perspective on the NWTRB Questions

Gary Lanthrum, DOE; Interface Between YM Surface Facilities and National Transportation System

Robert Loux, State of Nevada; State of Nevada Transportation Recommendations

Mike Baughman, Lincoln County; Yucca Mountain Repository System Transportation Planning and Decision-Making: Issues for Consideration

Local government; DOE's Transportation Responsibilities: An Affected Unit of Local Government (AULG) Perspective

Ralph Smith, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant; Waste Isolation Pilot Plant "Lessons Learned Over 4 Years"

Charles Messick, DOE; Foreign Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel Acceptance Program

Barry Miles, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Naval Spent Fuel

Alice Williams, DOE; West Valley Spent Nuclear Fuel Shipment

Gary Lanthrum , DOE; OCRWM's Transportation Planning Update