U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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NWTRB and Its Mission

bulletNWTRB Mission

Short description of the Board & its mission.

Available as:
NWTRB Mission

bulletNWTRB Strategic Plan

Strategy for achieving the Board's mission.

Available as:
U.S. NWTRB Strategic Plan FY 2014-2018 (PDF format- 736KB)

bulletNWTRB Enabling Legislation - Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act (NWPA)

Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act (1987) [Public Law 100-203-December 22, 1987, Part E] directs the Board to evaluate the technical and scientific validity of activities undertaken by the Department of Energy related to implementing the NWPA.

Available as:
Public Law 100-203-December 22, 1987 (PDF format-12K)