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  • R&D on High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel Performance During Storage and Transportation


Brady Hanson - High Burnup Fuel, Associated Data Gaps, and Integrated Approach for Addressing the Gaps

David Tang - NRC Regulations on High Burnup Fuel Storage and Transportation

Mac Louthan - Hydride Reorientation Occurence and Effects

Mike Billone - Update on Testing to Evaluate Radial Hydrides

Bruce Brevard - CIRFT Testing of High Burnup Used Nuclear Fuel from PWR and BWRs

Paul McConnell - Sandia Shaker Table and Over-the-Road Vibration Studies

David Tang - Engineering Application of Test Data for Determining Behavior of Actual Fuel during Normal Transportation

Brady Hanson - High Burnup Spent Fuel Data Project

Travis Knight - Experimental Determination and Modeling of Used Fuel Drying by Vacuum and Gas Circulation for Dry Cask Storage

Ned Larson - DOE R&D in Support of High Burnup Spent Fuel Dry Storage and Transportation


Hydride Reorientation (HRT) Occurrence and Affects:

R. L. Sindelar and M. R. Louthan, Jr. and B. D. Hanson, "White Paper Summary of 2nd ASTM International Workshop on Hydrides in Zirconium Alloy Cladding June 10-12, 2014 Jackson, WY" May 29, 2015, FCRD-UFD-2015-000533, SRNL-STI-2015-00256

M.C. Billone, T.A. Burtseva, Z. Han and Y.Y. Liu, "Embrittlement and DBTT of High- Burnup PWR Fuel Cladding Alloys" Argonne National Laboratory, September 30, 2013, FCRD-UFD-2013-000040, ANL-13/16, FCRD-UFD-2013-000401

Behavior of HBF Under Normal Conditions of Transport

1) Cyclic Testing of Irradiated Fuel

Jy-An Wang and Hong Wang,"Mechanical Fatigue Testing of High-Burnup Fuel for Transportation Applications",  NUREG/CR- 7198   ORNL/TM-2014/214, October 2014

2) Sandia Shaker Table and Over-the-Road Vibration Studies

 K Sorenson, P. McConnell G. Flores, "Fuel Assembly Vibration/Shock Test Simulating Normal Truck Transport", NEI Used Fuel Management Conference, May 7-9, 2013, St. Petersburg, Florida

Paul McConnell, "Fuel-Assembly Shaker Test Plan- Tests for Determining Loads on Used Nuclear Fuel under Normal Conditions of Transport", September 30, 2012 FCRD-UFD-2012-000341, SAND2012-8323P,

P. McConnell, R Wauneka, S Saltzstein, K Sorenson "Normal Conditions of Transport Truck Test of a Surrogate Fuel Assembly", SAND2014-20495, FCRD UFD-2014-000066, Revision 0.1 (December 15, 2014), 

Confirming the Condition of HBF during Extended Storage

Hundal Jung, Pavan Shukla, Tae Ahn, Lynn Tipton, Kaushik Das, Xihua He, Debashis Basu,"EXTENDED STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION: EVALUATION OF DRYING ADEQUACY">, June 2013

Electric Power Research Institute, "High Burnup Dry Storage Cask Research and Development Project-Final Test Plan", February 27, 2014,              

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