U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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Staff White Papers, Presentations, and Other Documents

The US Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board Intern Program: Developing Next Generation Nuclear Waste Professionals; WM2016 Conference; Bret Leslie; March 2016

Consent-Based Siting: What Have We Learned? ; Radwaste Solutions; Daniel Metlay; July/August 2013

Partitioning and Durable Waste Forms for Highly Radiotoxic Isotopes ; IHLRWMC 2013; Bruce Kirstein; April/May 2013

Background Information for the Presentation to the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste's seminar entitled "The Future of Nuclear Waste - Burden or Benefit?" in Stockholm, Sweden November 2012; Gene Rowe; March 2013

How Social Science Informs Engineering Practice ; The Bridge; Daniel Metlay; Fall 2012

Decision Strategies for Addressing Complex, "Messy" Problems ; The Bridge; Daniel Metlay; Fall 2012

Management of Radioactive Waste: A Socio-Technical Challenge ; The Bridge; Daniel Metlay; Summer 2012

Atmospheric Chemistry Impacts on the Corrosion Environments of Waste Packages ; IHLRWMC 2011; Bruce Kirstein; April 2011

A Quantitative Risk Assessment Description of a Radionuclide Source Term ; IHLRWMC 2011; Bruce Kirstein; April 2011

Nuclear Waste Assessment System for Technical Evaluation (NUWASTE); IHLRWMC 2011; Gene Rowe; April 2011

Recognising interdependencies in design of nuclear fuel cycle and transportation of SNF and HLW ; Packaging, Transport, Storage & Security of Radioactive Material; Daniel Metlay; 2011

On the Calculation of HLW Loading in Borosilicate Glass; Bruce Kirstein; December 2010

International Experience Developing Deep Geologic Repositories; Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future Disposal Subcommittee; Daniel Metlay; July 2010

Ethical Issues and Societal Expectations ; Daniel Metlay; 2009

Thermal-Response Evaluation of Yucca Mountain During the Preclosure and Postclosure Phases; Gene Rowe and Bruce Kirstein; July 2008

Obligation to Future Generations: The Interplay of Science and Policy ; Daniel Metlay; 2005

From Tin Roof to Torn Wet Blanket: Predicting and Observing Ground Water Movement at a Proposed Nuclear Waste Site ; Daniel Metlay; 1999

Institutional Trust and Confidence: A Journey into a Conceptual Quagmire ; Social Trust and the Management of Risk; Daniel Metlay; 1999

Hazards and Institutional Trustworthiness: Facing a Deficit of Trust ; Public Administration Review; Daniel Metlay; July/August 1996