U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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Executive Staff
Nigel Mote - Executive Director 703-235-4490 mote@nwtrb.gov
Debra Dickson - Director of Administration 703-235-4480 dickson@nwtrb.gov
Senior Professional Staff
Robert Einziger - Materials Science 703-235-4482 einziger@nwtrb.gov
Bret Leslie - Geoscientist 703-235-9132 leslie@nwtrb.gov
Daniel Metlay - International, Social Science 703-235-9135 metlay@nwtrb.gov
Daniel Ogg - Nuclear Engineering, Operations 703-235-9139 ogg@nwtrb.gov
Roberto Pabalan - Geochemistry, Physical Chemistry 703-235-4486 pabalan@nwtrb.gov
Karyn Severson - Director, External Affairs 703-235-4489 severson@nwtrb.gov
Information Technology Staff
Jayson Bright - Systems Administrator 703-235-4485 bright@nwtrb.gov
Administrative & Support Staff
Davonya Barnes - IT Systems Specialist
(Website, Mailing List)
703-235-9141 barnes@nwtrb.gov
Eva Moore - Travel and Meeting Planner 703-235-4487 moore@nwtrb.gov