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The agenda will be posted approximately 1 week prior to each meeting.

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Winter 2016 Board Meeting - February 17, 2016

February 17, 2016
Winter 2016 Board Meeting
Knoxville, TN

  • R&D on High Burnup Spent Nuclear Fuel Performance During Storage and Transportation
Agenda - February 17, 2016 (pdf - 121KB) Winter 2016 Board Meeting (pdf - 71KB) February 17, 2016 Transcript (pdf - 431KB) Letter to Acting Assistant Secretary John Kotek (December 7, 2016) (pdf - 440KB) Brady Hanson - High Burnup Fuel, Associated Data Gaps, and Integrated Approach for Addressing the Gaps (pdf - 1.1MB) David Tang - NRC Regulations on High Burnup Fuel Storage and Transportation (pdf - 354KB) Mac Louthan - Hydride Reorientation Occurence and Effects (pdf - 261KB) Mike Billone - Update on Testing to Evaluate Radial Hydrides (pdf - 3.1MB) Bruce Brevard - CIRFT Testing of High Burnup Used Nuclear Fuel from PWR and BWRs (pdf - 2.1MB) Paul McConnell - Sandia Shaker Table and Over-the-Road Vibration Studies (pdf - 2.7MB) David Tang - Engineering Application of Test Data for Determining Behavior of Actual Fuel during Normal Transportation (pdf - 1.3MB) Brady Hanson - High Burnup Spent Fuel Data Project (pdf - 1.5MB) Travis Knight - Experimental Determination and Modeling of Used Fuel Drying by Vacuum and Gas Circulation for Dry Cask Storage (pdf - 3.7MB) Ned Larson - DOE R&D in Support of High Burnup Spent Fuel Dry Storage and Transportation (pdf - 1.3MB) References - Winter 2016 Board Meeting (pdf - 18KB)