U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 29-30, 2002
Meeting of the Full Board
Pahrump, NV


January 29

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; Program Update

J. Russell Dyer, YMSCO; Yuuca Mountain Project Update

Drew Coleman, DOE; Fluid Inclusions

Frank D'Agnese, USGS; Regional Saturated Zone Model Update

Al Eddebbarh, DOE; Project Operational Thermal Management Strategy

Bo Bodvarsson, LBNL; Unsaturated Zone Flow and Transport Model Update

Dave Cox, Questa Engineering; Results of Recent Nye County Well Testing

John Bartlett, SC&A; Clark County Review of TSPA

John Garrick, ACNW; Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste Review of TSPA

January 30

Tonis Papp, International Peer Review Panel; International Peer Review of TSPA

Tim McCartin, NRC; 10 CFR Part 63

Jerry McNeish, DOE; Total System Performance Assessment Analyses Supporting the Site Suitability Evaluation and Final Environmental Impact Statement

William Boyle, DOE; Uncertainty Analysis and Strategy Report

Peter Swift, DOE; Uncertainty Analysis and Strategy Report

William Reamer, NRC; Sufficiency Review