U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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September 10-12, 2001
Meeting of the Full Board
Las Vegas, NV


September 10

J. Russell Dyer, YMSCO; Yucca Mountain Project Update

William Boyle, YMCO; Update on Uncertainty Analyses

Eric Smistad, YMSCO; Biosphere Peer Review

Abe Van Luik, YMSCO; Update on TSPA Peer Review

September 11

April Gil, YMSCO; Plans to Address NRC Key Technical Issues

Tim Sullivan, YMSCO; Preliminary Site Suitability Evaluation

September 12

Eric Smistad, YMSCO; Consequences of Igneous Activity

Bob Andrews, BSC; Status of Quality Assurance Issues

Jeff Williams, OCRWM; Repository Development Plans