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May 8-9, 2001
Meeting of the Full Board
Arlington, VA


May 8

Jared Cohon, NWTRB; Introductory Comments

Lake Barrett, DOE; Program update

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; Site Recommendation Decision FY01/02 Planning

Jerry King, BSC; Revision of OCRWM FY 2001 Workplan

Larry Trautner, BSC; Design Update

Abe Van Luik, YMSCO; Multiple Lines of Evidence

Saxon Sharpe, Desert Research Institute; Performance Assessment - Natural System Future Climate Analysis - 10,000 ti 1,000,000 Years After Present

Jerry McNeish, Duke Engineering; Performance Assessment - Natural System Modeling Long-Term Climate in Yucca Mountain Total System Performance Assessment

Robert Howard, BSC; Performance Assessment: Engineered Barrier System Question 1

Robert McKinnon, BSC/LLNL; Performance Assessment: Engineered Barrier System Question Groups 2 and 3

Joe Payer, Case Western Reserve University; Overview of DOE Peer Review of Waste Package Materials Performance

May 9

Narasi Sridhar, CNWRA; Corrosion-Related Studies at CNWRA

Jean Cline, University of Nevada-Las Vegas; Thermochronological Evolution of Calcite Formation at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Yuri Dublyanksy, Contractor, State of Nevada; Paleo thermal regimes in the Yucca Mountain unsaturated zone: Mineralogical and Fluid Inclusion Evidence

Joe Whelan, USGS; USGS Fracture Mineral Research - Fluid Inclusion Studies