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June 20-21, 2001
Joint Meeting of Performance Assessment and Repository Panels
Las Vegas,NV


June 20

Steve Brocoum and William Boyle, YMSCO; Introduction: Goals and Objectives of Supplemental Science and Performance Analyses

Rob Howard, BSC; Scope, Content, Summary of SSPA Volume 1: Scientific Basis and Analyses

Peter Swift, SNL; Scope, Content, Summary, Results of SSPA Volume 2: Performance Analyses

Bo Bodvarsson, LBNL; Unsaturated Zone (UZ) and Near-Field Environment Thermally Driven Coupled-Process Components

Bob MacKinnon, BSC/SNL; Engineered Barrier System Coupled Process Components

June 21

Greg Gdowski, BSC/LLNL; Waste Package Corrosion Process Components

Joon Lee, BSC/SNL; Effects of Quantified Uncertainties of Corrosion Models on Waste Package Performance

Pat Brady, BSC/SNL; Waste Form Process Components

Jim Houseworth,BSC/LBNL; Unsaturated Zone Transport

Bruce Robinson, BSC/LANL; Saturated Zone Process Components

Robert Andrews, BSC; Integration of Supplemental Science Analyses and Models into the Supplemental TSPA Model

Mike Wilson, BSC/SNL; TSPA Analyses and Results

Kevin Coppersmith, BSC/Coppersmith Consulting, Inc.; Evaluation of Unquantified Uncertainties and Conservatism

Gerald Gordon, BSC; Evaluation of Corrosion Processes: Summary of Current Status and Approach for Extrapolation to Long Times

James Blink, BSC/LLNL; Evaluation of a Range of Operating Modes

Ardyth Simmons, BSC/LBNL; Development of Multiple Lines of Evidence for SSPA

William Boyle, YMSCO; Conclusions