U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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September 14-15, 1999
Meeting of the Full Board
Alexandria, VA


September 14

Ray Clark, EPA; Proposed Standards for Yucca Mountain

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; Perspectives on the Yucca Mountain Site Project

Abe van Luik, YMSCO; Repository Safety Strategy - Introduction

Michael Voegele, SAIC; Repository Safety Strategy - Implementation

Bob Andrews, Duke Engineering; Repository Safety Strategy - Performance Assessment

Mike Lugo, TRW Environmental Systems; Repository Safety Strategy - Process Model Reports and Analysis Model Reports

Mark Peters, LANL; Update on Scientific and Technical Investigations

September 15

Jean Younker, TRW Environmental Systems; Testing and Analysis for Site Recommendation

Bob Andrews, Duke Engineering; Model Validation and Confidence Building in TSPA-SR

Bo Bodvarsson, LBNL; Repository Safety Strategy - Unsaturated Zone Model Validation

Joe Farmer, LLNL; Development & Validation of Realistic Degradation Mode Models for the Waste Package and Drip Shield