U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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June 29-30, 1999
Summer Board Meeting
Beatty, NV


June 29

Lake Barrett, DOE; OCRWM Update

J. Russell Dyer, YMSCO; Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Office Update

Paul Harrington, YMSCO; LADS Overview and DOE Requirements for LADS

Richard Snell, Fluor Daniel, Inc.; Overview of LADS Process

Robert Dulin, Duke Engineering & Services, Inc.; Enhanced Design Alternatives (EDAs:) Assumptions and Summary Descriptions

Kevin Coppersmith, Geomatrix, Inc.; EDA Evaluation Process

James Blink, LLNL; Consideration of Uncertainties in Waste Package/Drip Shield System for LADS

Ernest Hardin, LLNL; Consideration of In-drift and Near-Field Uncertainties for LADS

James Blink, LLNL; EDA-II: Detailed Description and Future Plans

Mal Murphy, Nye County; Subsurface Design

Dan McKenzie, Morrison Knudsen Corporation; Subsurface Design

Deborah Barr, Bureau of Reclamation; Drift-Scale Test (DST)

June 30

Joseph Farmer, LLNL; Corrosion: Tests and Process Modeling

Mark Tynan, YMSCO; Overview of Total Systems Performance Assessment Modeling Plans

Mark Peters, LANL; Scientific Program Overview

Tom Buqo, Nye County contractor; Nye County's Drilling Program

Paul Dixon, LANL; Use of Chlorine-36 and Chlorie Data to Determine Hydrologic Pathways at Yucca Mountain

Linda Lehman, Technical & Regulatory Evaluations Group, Inc. (T-Reg); State of Nevada Regional Hydrology Studies

Paul Dixon, LANL; Unsaturated Zone Transport Test at Busted Butte