U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 20-21, 1998
Full Board Meeting
Amargosa Valley, NV


January 20

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; Status of the Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

Russell Dyer, YMSCO; Update on Yucca Mountain Activities

Wendy Dixon, YMSCO; Update on Yucca Mountain Environmental Programs

January 21

William Boyle, YMSCO; Overview of the Saturated Zone Program and its Objectives

Frank D'Agnese, USGS; Regional 3-D Ground-water Flowo Model of Death Valley Basin

Zell Peterman, USGS; Siginificance of Hydrochemical Domains in the Saturated Zone at Yucca Mountain

Arend Meijer, LANL; Inferences fromSaturated Zone Water Chemistry and Implications for Transport Parameters

M.J. Umari and Paul Reimus, USGS; Hydraulic and Tracer Testing at the C-Holes Complex

John Czarnecki, USGS; Preliminary 3-Dimensional Finited-element Groound-water Flow Model of the Saturated Zone at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Bruce Robinson, LANL; Current Status of the Saturated Zone Flow and Transport Model

Linda Lehman, L. Lehman & Associates; Summary of State of Nevada-funded Studies of the Saturated Zone at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Robert Andres, INTERA; Saturated Zone Flow and Transport Conceptual Model and Parameter Issues Affecting Total System Performance Assessment

Kevin Coppersmith, Geomatrix; Saturated Zone Flow and Transport Expert Elicitation: Process and Summary of Results

Allan Freeze, R. Allan Freeze Engineering, Inc.; Summary of Issues Saturated Zone Hydrology Yucca Mountain, NV

Lynn Gelhar, MIT; An Elicited Expert's Critique of the SZEE Project

William Arnold, SNL; Saturated-zone Flow and Trasport Analyses in Total System Performance Assessment for Yucca Mountain

Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Site Program Activities Addressing Key SZ Issues

Rob Yasek, YMSCO; Thermal Testing Program Update