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April 23-24, 1998
Meeting of the Panel on Performance Assessment
Albuquerque, NM


April 23

Abe Van Luik, DOE; Introduction to total system performance assessment for the viability assessment (TSPA-VA)

Robert Andres, INTERA; Basic structure, conceptual model, and results of the TSPA-VA

Michael Wilson, SNL; Uncertainty/Sensitivity Analysis for TSPA-VA

Jack Gauthier, SNL; Climate, infiltration, and unsaturated zone flow for TSPA-VA

Michael Wilson, SNL; Seepage and thermal hydrology for TSPA-VA

Jerry McNeish, INTERA; Waste package degradation in the TSPA-VA

Jerry McNeish, INTERA; Evaluation of EBS Processes: Near field geochemical environment, waste form degradation/mobilization, EBS transport

April 24

Cliff Ho, SNL; Traceability example

Ralston Barnard, SNL; Evaluation of disruptive scenarios

Holly Dockery, SNL; Summary and Discussion

Keith McConnell, NRC; NRC's Views on DOE's Preliminary Work on the TSPA-VA