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November 19-20, 1997
Meeting of the Panel on the Waste Management System Arlington, VA


November 19

Richard Boyle, DOT; The Federal Regulatory Framework: U.S. Department of Transportation

Charles Haughney, NRC; The Federal Regulatory Framework: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

James McClure, SNL; Historical Safety Performance of Spent Fuel Transportation

Larry Fischer, LLNL; Predicting Cask Performance in Accidents (the Modal Study)

S.Y. Chen, ANL; Overview of the U.S. Department of Energy Environmental-Statement-Related Risk Studies

Sieglinde Neuhauser, SNL; RADTRAN: A Risk-Assessment Tool

Marvin Resnikoff, Radioactive Waste Management Associates; Critique of Department of Energy/Nuclear Regulatory Commission Transportation Analyses

Robert Jones, Consultant; Transportation Planning and Execution: Commercial Spent Fuel

Richard Guida, Naval Propulsion Program; Transportation Planning and Execution: the Navy Experience

November 20

Robert Halstead, State of Nevada; Nuclear Waste Transportation Safety and Security Issues

Robert Fronczak, Association of American Railroads; Rail Industry Perspective on the Transportation of SNF