U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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June 25-26, 1997
Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


June 25

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program

Steve Brocoum, OCRWM; Viability Assessment: Products and Schedule

Jean Younker, TRW; Status of DOE's Evolving Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy

Bob Andrews, INTERA; Assessment of Engineered Barrier System Performance Issues in TSPA-VA

Richard Snell, TRW; Repository Design and Operations

Dave Stahl, B&W Fuel Company; Waste Package Design and Materials

Della Roy, Penn State University; Behavior of Cementatious Materials in a Repository Environment

Abe Van Luik, DOE; Assessment of Geosphere Performance Issues in TSPA-VA

Kevin Coppersmith, Geomatrix; Objectives and Structures: Unsaturated Zone Flow Model Expert Elicitation (UZFMEE) Project

Bo Bodvarsson, LBNL; The Unsaturated Zone (UZ) Site-Scale Flow Model and Results of the UH Expert Elicitation

Shlomo Neuman, University of Arizona; Some Observations Based on Unsaturated Zone Flow Model Expert Elicitation Project Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Gaylon Campbell, Washington State University; Expert Viewpoint on the Process and Results

Bob Andrews, INTERA; Use of Unsaturated Zone Flow Model Expert Elicitation Results in TSPA-VA

June 26

Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Saturated Zone Flow Uncertainties

Jean Younker, TRW; Additional Work Through License Application

Richard Wagner, M&O; Performance Confirmation (PC) Program

Mitch Brodsky, DOE; Mined Geologic Disposal System Viability Assessment Cost Estimate Plan

Mike Voegele, SAIC; Update on Scientific Activities at Yucca Mountain

Larry Hayes, TRW; Scientific Studies Update at Yucca Mountain