U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 28-29, 1997
Winter Board Meeting
Pahrump, NV


January 28

John Austin, U.S. NRC; Making Performance Assessments Understandable and Credible

Pierre Barber, ANDRA; Master Plan for Surveys and Research on Deep Geological Repositories

Paul Stern, National Research Council; National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council Committee on Risk Characterization

Judy Treichel, Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force; Total System Performance Assessment Transparency: How can the public know what the TSPA is and what it means?

Dwight Shelor, OCRWM; OCRWM Transportation Services

Robert Loux, Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects; Nuclear Waste Transportation: Critical Issues

Affected Units of Government, Clark County, Inyo County, & Nye County; Local Government Perspective on Privatized Transportation

January 29

Wes Barnes and Russell Dyer, YMPSCO; Introduction: Status of Program Activities

Christopher Kouts, OCRWM; Interim Storage Facility Phase I Topical Safety Analysis Report Development & Status

Dennis Williams, OCRWM; Introduction to SZ Flow and UZ/SZ Transport Studies

M.J. Umari, USGS; Hydraulic and Conservative Tracer Testing at the C-well Complex

H.J. Turin, LANL; Transport and Reactive Tracer Testing at the C-well complex

Bruce Robinson, LANL; Flow and Transport Models for Yucca Mountain

William Boyle, OCRWM; Thermal and Underground Testing Update

Nick Stellavato and Parviz Montazer, Nye County and Multimedia Environmental Technology, Inc.; Nye County Technical Program

Dennis Williams, OCRWM; DOE Plans for Reducing Hydrologic Uncertainty