U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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December 17, 1997
Meeting of the Panel on the Repository
Augusta, GA


December 17

Howard Eckert, DOE; Introduction to DOE-owned Spent Fuel

David Curtis, Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program; Introduction to Spent Naval Fuel

Mark Barlow, WSRC; Introduction to Aluminum Clad Research Reactor Spent Nuclear Fuel

Natraj Iyer, WSRC; Treatment Options for Aluminum SNF Disposition

David Haught, YMSCO; Disposal of Aluminum-clad, HEU Spent Fuel in a Repository

Charles Anderson, DOE; Savannah River Site: Overview

Neil Brosee, WSRC; Defense Waste Processing Facility (DWPF)

Sharon Marra, WSRC; DWPF Glass Product Control and Characterization

Bill Danker, DOE; Plutonium Immobilization Overview

Tom Gould, WSRC; Plutonium Immobilization Project Review

David Haught, YMSCO; Disposal of Vitrified High-level Waste and Immobilized Weapons-grade Plutonium