U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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October 9-10, 1996
Board Meeting
Arlington, VA


October 9

Daniel Dreyfus, OCRWM/DOE; Program Status and Outlook

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO/DOE; Fiscal Year 1996 Accomplishments and Fiscal Year 1997 Overview

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO/DOE; Program Overview to License Application

Dennis Williams, YMSCO/DOE; Conceptual Model of Flow in the Unsaturated Zone: New Insights

Abe Van Luik, YMSCO/DOE; Sensitivity Analyses to Evaluate Alternative Conceptual Models of Unsaturated Zone Flow

Abe Van Luik, YMSCO/DOE; Path to An Integrated TSPA-VA

Richard Snell, M&O; Repository Operations: Introduction and Summary

October 10

Jack Bailey, TRW (M&O); Retrievability

Hugh Benton, Framatome Cogema Fuels-M&O; Waste Package Physical Characteristics

Alden Segrest, Duke Engineering & Services, Inc. - M&O; Subsurface Remote Operations

Richard Snell, M&O; Thermal Management Strategy