U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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July 9-10, 1996
Summer Board Meeting
Denver, CO


July 9

Richard Craun, DOE; Exploratory Studies Facility Construction Update

Russell Patterson, DOE; Update on Key Scientific Activities

Dennis Williams, DOE; Synthesis of the Results of ESF Exploration

Stephen Brocoum, DOE; Status of the 1996 Draft Program Plan and Updated Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy

William Boyle, DOE; Planned In Situ Thermal Tests

Russell Patterson, DOE; Hydrology and Climatology: Integrated Strategy

Warren Day and Steven Beason, USGS and Bureau of Reclamation; Geological Structure at Yucca Mountain

Edward Kwicklis, USGS; Fracture Pathways and Flux Through the Unsaturated Zone in the North Ramp Area at Yucca Mountain

Alan Flint, USGS; Present-day Climate and Infiltration

July 10

Ike Winograd, USGS; Paleoclimatology, Devils Hole, and Yucca Mountain

Rick Forester, USGS; Paleoclimate Records: Implications for Future Climate Change

Stanley Davis, University of Arizona; Comments Concerning the Use of Uranium-Bearing Minerals and Chlorine-36 to Reconstruct Water Movement at Yucca Mountain

Zell Peterman and James Paces, USGS; Paleohydrology: Age Control from Uranium Series and Carbon-14 Dating of Calcite and Opal in the ESF

June Fabryka-Martin, LANL; Hydrologic Flow Paths and Rates Inferred from the Distribution of Chlorine-36 in the ESF

Tom Wigley, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Climate Modeling: Uses and Limitations

Starley Thompson, National Center for Atmospheric Research; Future Climate Modeling

Michael Wilson, SNL; TSPA Insights into the Impacts of Climate and Chlorine-36

Sheryl Morris, DOE; Hydrology and Climatology Integrated Strategy - Wrapup