U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 10-11, 1996
Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


January 10

Daniel Dreyfus, YMSCO; Program Status and Outlook

Richard Craun, YMSCO; exploratory Studies Facility Update

Jean Younker, TRW Environmental Safety Systems, Inc; Status of Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy Development

Dennis Williams, YMSCO; Update on Site Investigations

William Boyle, YMSCO; Update on Site In-Situ Thermal Tests

Michael Folger, UK NIREX, Ltd.; Deep Disposal in the UK and the Nirex Programme

Ju Wang, Beijing Research Institute of Geology; Chinese Nuclear Waste Management Program

January 11

Thomas Bjerstedt, OCRWM; Principles and guidelines for Formal Use of Expert Judgment by Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

Aaron DeWispelare, CNWRA; Status Report on Development of NRC Staff Technical Position on use of Expert Elicitation in the HLW Program

Kevin Coppersmith, GEOMATRIX; Probabilistic Volcanic Hazard Analysis (PVHA) at Yucca Mountain Using Expert Judgment

Aaron DeWispelare, CNWRA; Expert Judgment Elicitation Future Climate at Yucca Mountain

Robert Andrews, INTERA; Reasonable Judgment in Performance Assessment Analyses: Examples From TSPA - 1995

Ernest Smerdon, Committee for Yucca Mountain Peer Review; Review of DOE Technical Basis Report for Surface Characteristics, Preclosure Hydrology, and Erosion

Carl Johnson, Nevada Nuclear Waste Projects Office; State of Nevada Review of Department of Energy Technical Basis Report on Surficial Processes

Steve Brocoum, YMSCO; Summary of the NAS Peer Review: Surface Characteristics, Preclosure Hydrology, and Erosion

Diane Harrison, YMSCO; OCRWM Planning and Coordination for Defense Waste Acceptance and Disposal

William Danker, DOE; Program Overview

Diane Harrison, YMSCO; Repository-Related Technical Analysis Supporting the Disposition of Surplus Weapons-Usable Plutonium