U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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April 30-May 1, 1996
Board Meeting
Austin, TX


April 30

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; Overview of the Revised OCRWM Program and Program Priorities

Stephen Brocoum, OCRWM; Overview of the Revised Yucca Mountain Project

Abe Van Luik, OCRWM; Performance Assessment for the Revised Program

Susan Jones, OCRWM; Site Investigations for the Revised Program

Richard Craun, OCRWM; Engineering Approach

Wendy Dixon, OCRWM; Environment, Safety, and Health

Russ Dyer, OCRWM; Project Implementation Process: Overview

Dennis Royer, OCRWM; Project Implementation Process: Systems

Richard Memory, TRW Environmental Safety Systems, Inc.; Thermal Studies Recent Example

Abe Van Luik, OCRWM; Project Implementation Process: Performance Assessment

Paul Harrington, OCRWM; Project Implementation Process: Engineering Design

Russ Dyer, OCRWM; Project Implementation Summary

May 1

Richard Craun, OCRWM; Exploratory Studies Facility Construction Update

Dennis Williams, OCRWM; Update on Site Investigations

James Carlson, OCRWM; Program Integration

Steven Gomberg, OCRWM; Planning for DOE Nuclear Materials That May be Destined for Geologic Disposal

Dwight Shelor, OCRWM; New Directions in Waste Acceptance, Storage, and Transportation