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October 17-18, 1995
Meeting of the Full Board
Arlington, VA


October 17

Richard Craun, DOE; Exploratory Studies Facility Update

William Boyle, DOE; Scientific Insights and Results from ESF Investigations

Robert Fri, Chair, NAS committee; National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Report: Technical Bases for Yucca Mountain Standards

Stephen Brocoum, DOE; Preliminary DOE Reaction to National Academy of Sciences Report

John Kessler, EPRI; 40CFR191, NAS, and HR1020 "standards": A Preliminary Comparison of Potential Regulatory Standards for Yucca Mountain

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Overview of Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy Development

Jean Younker, TRW; Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy for the Yucca Mountain Site

Lawrence Weinstock, EPA; Statement from Lawrence Weinstock

October 18

Abe Van Luik, DOE; Total System Performance Assessments: A Context for TSPA - 1995

Robert Andrews, INTERA; Total System Performance Assessment - 1995: Objectives and Approach

Srikanta Mishra, INTERA; Ambient and Thermally Perturbed flow Models and Abstractions for TSPA - 1995

Joon Lee, INTERA; Waste Package Degradation Modeling and Abstraction for TSPA - 1995

Jerry McNeish, INTERA; Evaluation of Engineered Barrier System Releases in TSPA - 1995

David Sevougian, INTERA; TSPA - 1995 Predicted Radionuclide Release and DOse at the Accessible Environment, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Bruce Crowe, LANL; Volcanism Studies for the Yucca Mountain Project

Robert Andrews, INTERA; Total System Performance Assessment - 1995: Conclusions and Recommendations

Eric Smistad, DOE; Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA): Summary of Next Steps

Paul Davis, SNL; Making Use of Performance Assessment

Norman Eisenberg, NRC; Round-Table Discussion: The Uses of TSPA