U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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June 6, 1995
Meeting of the Panel on the Engineered Barrier System
Idaho Falls, ID


June 6, 1995

Steve Gomberg, DOE; Waste Acceptance Requirements/DOE Intergace

Brian Edgerton, DOE-ID; DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel Program

Al Hoskins, LITCO; DOE-owned SNAF at INEL

Gary McDannel, LITCO; INEL SNF Systems Engineering & Final Disposition

Henry Loo, LITCO; Repository Disposition Evaluation for INEL SNF and High-Level Waste(HLW)

Larry Taylor, LITCO; Repository Disposition Evaluation for INEL SNF and High-Level Waste

Don Connors, Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory; Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program

Jim Laidler, Argonnne National Laboratory; Development of Electrometallurgical Treatment Technology for DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel

David Abbot, LITCO; Commercial Spent Fuel Storage Demonstration Activities at INEL

Norman Rohrig, LITCO; Disposition of Non-Fuel Bearing Components from the Dry Rod Consolidation Technology Project

Jeff Snook, DOE-ID; Idaho Chemical Processing Plant Radioactive Liquid Waste and Calcine Management

Brent Palmer, LITCO; High-Level Waste Treatment Technologies

Ken Henry, LITCO; Greater-Than-Class-C Radioactive Waste Management

Clark Williams, LITCO; Integration of EM activities at the INEL