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June 26-27, 1995
Meeting of the Panel on Hydrogeology & Geochemistry
Burlingame, CA


June 26

Ronit Nativ, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Groundwater Recharge and Solute Migration in a Fractured Chalk Aquitard

Bridget Scanlon, University of Texas; Review of Unsaturated Zone Studies in Arid Sites and Implications for Contaminant Transport

Alan Flint, USGS; Shallow Infiltration and the Initiation of Fracture Flow at Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Gregg Davidson, University of Arizona; Geochemical Evidence of Fracture Flow in Unsaturated Tuff, Apache Leap, Arizona

June 27

June Fabryka-Martin, LANL; Isotopic Dating of Ground Water at Yucca Mountain

Bruce Robinson & Andy Wolfsberg, LANL; Migration of Solutes in Unsaturated Fractured Rock at Yucca Mountain: Mechanisms, Measurements, and Models

Yvonne Tsang, LBL; Characterizing Flow and Transport in Highly Heterogeneous Media: A Theoretical Study

Ralston Barnard, SNL; Consequences of "Fast" Pathways for Yucca Mountain

Robert Andrews, INTERA; Performance Assessment Perspective on Potential Significance of Localized "Fast" Flow Paths on Waste Isolation and Containment at Yucca Mountain

Round-Table Discussion

R.T. Green, Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses; The Virtues of Laboratory-Scale vs Field-Scale Experiments