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June 14, 1995
Panel on Transportation & Systems
Arlington, VA


June 14

James Carlson, DOE; Introduction

Gregory Smith, TRW; Systems Engineering

Dennis Royer, DOE; Introduction of System Safety and Human Factors

Lewie Booth & Leslie Eisler, TRW; YMP Site Characterization System Safety and Human Factors

Jeffrey Williams, DOE; Multipurpose Canister (MPC)

James Clark, E.R. Johnson Associates, Inc.(JAI); Multi-Purpose Canister System Westinghouse Proposed Design

Donald Nolan, JAI; GA-4/9 Legal Weight Truck Cask Systems Review and Status

T.C. Smith, JAI; Legal Weight Truck/Tractor Trailer Testing

Alan Salton, TRW; Transportation Risk Management

Richard Memory, TRW; Nevada Potential Repository Preliminary Transportation Strategy Study 1

Linda Desell, DOE; Update on OCRWM Transportation Activities

Markus Popa, DOE; Developing a Routing Guidance Document

Robert Rooney, Roy F. Weston, Inc.; Rail Issues Panel Transportation Coordination Group Meeting