U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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July 11-12, 1995
Summer Board Meeting
Salt Lake City, UT


July 11

Richard Craun, DOE; Exploratory Studies Facility Update

Michael Cline, M&O; Summary of Three Studies Related to Future Development of the ESF

Dennis Williams, DOE; Exploratory Studies Facility Geologic Conditions

Ned Elkins, LANL; Underground Testing at the Exploratory Studies Facility

Kal Bhattacharyya, M&O; Repository Operational Concepts

Daniel McKenzie, M&O; Repository Advanced Conceptual Design

Daniel McKenzie, M&O; Repository Engineering Studies

July 12

Joe Holonich, NRC; High-level Waste Licensing Process

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Program Approach to Repository Licensing

April Gil, DOE; License Application Annotated Outline

Tom Williamson, M&O(Duke); Integrated License Plan

Ardyth Simmons, DOE; Peer Review of Thermohydrologic Modeling and Testing Program: Status Report