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January 10-11, 1995
Winter Board Meeting
Beatty, NV


January 10

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; 1995 Program Outlook

Wendy Dixon, YMSCO; Environmental Monitoring Studies and 1994 Accomplishments

Ronald Green, EG&G Systems, Inc.; Site Characterization Effects Monitoring and Thermal Loading Ecosystem Studies

Chris Kouts, OCRWM; OCRWM Strategy for Complying with the National Environmental Policy Act

Gerald Parker, OCRWM; Multipurpose Canister Environmental Impact Statement

Wendy Dixon, YMSCO; Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Preparation for a Potential Yucca Mountain Repository

Wendy Dixon, YMSCO; Integrating Yucca Moutain Site Characterization Studies with EIS Preparation

Wendy Dixon, YMSCO; Overview of Socioeconomics

Les Bradshaw, Nye County; Socioeconomic Program Summary

Dennis Bechtel, Clark County; Views of "Standard" Socioeconomic Impact Analyses

Michael Baughman, Intertech Consultants; Rural Non-Situs County Views of "Standard" Socioeconomic Impacts of Federal Nuclear Waste Management Actiivies

January 11

Russell Dyer, YMSCO; Linkage from Waste Isolation and Containment Strategy to Key Exploratory Studies Facility Decisions nad Testing Programs

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; and Jean Younker, TRW, Update on Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy

Susan Jones and Dennis Williams, YMSCO; Waste Isolation and Containment Strategy

Dennis Williams, YMSCO; Exploratory Studies Facility Testing

Susan Jones, YMSCO; Status of Surface-Based Testing

Richard Craun, YMSCO; Exploratory Studies Facility Update