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April 19-20, 1995
Spring Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


April 19

Daniel Dreyfus, OCRWM; Program Status and Outlook

Steven Kraft, NEI; Alternative Licensing Concepts

Rosa Yang, EPRI; A Proposed Public Health and Safety Standard for Yucca Mountain

Stephan Brocoum, OCRWM; Update on Waste Containment and Isolation Strategy

Stephan Brocoum, OCRWM; The Emerging Thermal Loading Strategy

Thomas Geer, TRW; M&O Proposed Thermal Loading Strategy

Thomas Statton, M&O; Thermal Testing Strategy

Richard Memory, TRW; The Calico Hills System Study

Stephan Brocoum, OCRWM; YMP Fiscal year 1996 Planning and Budget

April 20

Kalyan Bhattacharyya, Morrison-Knudsen Corp. (M&O); Concept of Repository Operations - Subsurface

Richard Memory, TRW; MPC-Repository Interface Issues

Hugh Benton, B&W Fuel Company; Waste Package Design

Robert Andrews, INTERA, Inc.; TSPA-1995 Objectives and Approach: Focus on Waste Packages/EBS Conceptual Models

R. Daniel McCright, LLNL; Corrosion Research and Modeling Update

James Houseworth, TRW; Effects of Engineered Materials on Repository Performance

Stephen Hanauer, OCRWM; Are Nuclear "Explosions" a Risk in a Geologic Repository

Hugh Benton, B&W; Disposal Criticality Control