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September 12-13, 1994
Panel on Hydrogeology and Geochemistry
Las Vegas, NV


September 12

Michael Bell, NRC; Regulatory Background of 10 CFR Part 60.113(a)(2) Groundwater Travel Time

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Review of the Regulatory Background of 10 CFR Part 960

Mal Murphy, Nye County; Original Intent, Historical Background and Interpretation of Ground-Waste Travel time Regulations - Perspective of the Situs Jurisdiction

Erik Smistad, DOE; Program Overview of Ground-Water Travel Time (GWTT)

Lester Berkowitz, M&O/TRW; Groundwater Travel Time (GWTT) Interpretation of Applicable Guidelines and Regulations

James Duguid, M&O/INTERA; Calculational Approach to Pre-Waste-Emplacement Ground-Water Travel Time

Ralston Barnard, SNL; Technical Implementation of Groundwater Travel Time Analyses

September 13

Paul Kaplan, SNL; Alternative Criteria to GWTT on the Geologic Subsystem

Carl Johnson, Nuclear Waste Projects Office; Comments on Ground-Water Travel Time

Dwight Hoxie, USGS; Site-Characterization Approach and Ties to Performance Assessment (PA)

Edward Kwicklis, USGS; Progress in Unsaturated Zone Studies

Richard Luckey, USGS; Progress in Saturated Zone Studies