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October 12, 1994
Fall Board Meeting: Site-Suitability Issues
Las Vegas, NV


October 12

Daniel Dreyfus, OCRWM; OCRWM FY 95 Program and Outlook

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Background and Overview for Development of Proposed Site Suitability Evaluation Process

Jane Summerson, DOE; The Process for Determining Site Suitability

Malcolm Knapp, NRC; NRC's Views on DOE's Site Suitability Plans

Steven Kraft, NEI; Industry Perspectives on Site Suitability

Jean Younker,TRW; Setting Testing & Analyses Priorities for Technical Site Suitability Determination and Licensing

J. Van Miegroet, ONDRAF/NIRAS; The Belgian Waste Disposal Concept

Edward Patera, LANL; Crystalline Rock Repository Concepts and the Role of Engineered an Natural Barriers