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November 17-18, 1994
Joint Meeting of the Panel on Structural Geology & Geochemistry and Panel on Hydrogeology & Geochemistry
Washington, DC


November 17

Ron Milner, OCRWM; (OCRWM) Program Approach

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; Overall Compliance Strategy for Mined Geologic Disposal System

Samuel Rousso, OCRWM; Waste Acceptance, Storage, and Transportation Program Objectives

Alan Brownstein, OCRWM; Waste Acceptance Requirements

Jeffrey Williams, OCRWM; Multipurpose Canister Considerations in System Thermal Management

Donald (Buz) Gibson, M&O/TRW; Potential System thermal Management Options

Steven Saterlie, M&O (TRW); Mined Geologic Disposal system Thermal Options and Goals

Michael Voegele, M&O (SAIC); Testing Requirements for Thermal-Loading Decisions in the Program Approach

Ardyth Simmons, YMSCO; DOE"S Approach to Coupled T-M-H-C Processes

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Site Response to Thermal Loading

November 18

Steven Saterlie, M&O (TRW); Thermal-Loading System Study Update

Robert Andrews, INTERA; Total Systems Perofrmance Assessment Updates

Ardyth Simmons, YMSCO; Status of the Thermohydrologic Review Evaluation Team

William Halsey, LLNL; Underground Heater Tests

John Pott, SNL; In Situ Thermal and Mechanical Test Program

William Boyle, YMSCO; Underground Test Coordination

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; Thermal Management in the Program Approach