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March 22, 1994
Meeting of the Panel on the Environment & Public Health
Las Vegas, NV


March 22

Wendy Dixon, DOE; Environmental Program Update

John Harte, University of California, Berkeley; Results from a Global Warming Experiment: Soil Temperature and Moisture Responses in a Subalpine Meadow Ecosystem

Thomas Buscheck, LLNL; Heat Transfer Analysis

Russ Dyer, DOE; Integration of Environmental Program with Site and Design Programs

Charles Malone, Nevada Nuclear Waste Projects Office; Developing an Approach for Determining Long-Term Ecological Potential at Yucca Mountain

Elisabeth Blaug, President's Council on Environmental Quality ; Connected Actions and Cumulative and Synergistic Impacts Under NEPA

Angela Foster, DOE; Alternatives and Scope of the NEPA Analysis Mitigation Measures Scoping Process