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March 10, 1994
Meeting of the Panel on the Engineered Barrier System
Pleasanton, CA


March 10

Mackaye Smith, DOE; Evolving Waste Package/EBS Development

David Stahl, B&W Fuel Company; Design-Focused Waste Package R&D Needs

Willis Clarke, LLNL; Overview of OCRWM-Sponsored Activities at LLNL

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Large-Block Test Status and Plans

William Halsey, LLNL; Corrosion Models in Performance Assessment

Kevin McCoy, M&O - BWFC; Zircaloy Cladding as a Disposal Barrier

William O'Connell, LLNL; Zircalaoy Cladding Performance Prediction for Dry Storage

Thomas Doering, M&O - BWFC; Long-Term Criticality Waste Package Development

R. Daniel McCright, LLNL; Current and Planned Materials Research

Gregory Gdowski, LLNL; Thermogravemetric Studies

Jangyul Park, Argonne National Laboratory; Accelerated Stress Corrosion Cracking Studies

Annemarie Meike, LLNL; Chemical and Mineralogical Effects of Introduced Materials in the Post Emplacement Environment

Kenneth Jackson, LLNL; Experimental Investigation of Hydrous Pyrolysis of Diesel Fuel

Penny Amy, University of Nevada at Las Vegas; Microbially-Influenced Corrosion in an Unsaturated Repository