U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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July 12-13, 1994
Summer Board Meeting
Denver, CO


July 12

Sam Rousso, OCRWM; Update on OCRWM Proposed Program Approach

Stephan Brocoum, YMSCO; Proposed Program Approach

Ralston Barnard, SNL; Performance Assessment and Radionuclide Transport

Robert Andrews, INTERA, Inc.; Significance of Radionuclide Transport Processes to Performance Assessment: The Affect of Time and Alternate Thermal Management Strategies

Raymond Stout, LLNL; Waste Form Alteration/Dissolution for Release Rates

George Zyvoloski, LANL; Unsaturated Zone Flow and Transport at Yucca Mountain

Drew Tait, LANL; Status and Priorities re Solubility/ Speciation of Long-Lived Radionuclides

Ines Triay, LANL; Status and Priorities Regarding Sorption of Long-Lived Radionuclides

James Conca, Washington State University; Selenite Transport in Unsaturated Tuff from Yucca Mountain

Ines Triay and Schon Levy, LANL; Colloid Formation, Stability, and Transport "review of Existing Information"

Arend Meijer, LANL; Retardation of Gas Phase Radionuclides

Richard Van Konynenburg, LLNL; Potential Effects of Engineered Barriers on Radionuclide Migration

James Conca and Michael Apted, Washington State University and Intera; Engineered Gravel Backfill Approaches to Retarding Flow and Transport

Ardyth Simmons, YMSCO; Closing Remarks on DOE Presentations

July 13

Richard Hannon, DOT; Regulatory Perspectives (overview) on Transportation of Spent Nuclear Fuel

James Carlson, DOE; OCRWM Transportation Program Proposed Program Approach

Steven Gomberg, DOE; Transportation Plan

Ronald Kelly, E. R. Johnson Associates, Inc.; Operational Concept for the CRWMS Transportation System

Susan Smith, DOE; Transportation Institutional Overview

Donald Nolan, E. R. Johnson Associates, Inc.; Summary of High Efficiency Truck Cask Systems (GA-4 and GA-9)

Thomas Smith, E.R. Johnson Associates, Inc.; Legal Weight Truck Tractor / Trailer Testing

Jim Clark, E. R. Johnson Associates, Inc.; MPC Transportation Cask

William Lake, DOE; Burnup Credit Design Certification Issues

James Daust, CVSA; Promoting Safety and Efficiency in the OCRWM Program

Gregory Smith, TRW; Human Factors Engineering Implementation in the Transportation Program

Peter Conlon, Association of American Railroads; Rail Transport of Spent Nuclear Fuel