U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 11-12, 1994
Full Board Meeting
Arlington, VA


January 11

Thomas Isaacs, DOE; Alternative Program Strategy Task Force Report

Nils Rydell, KASAM; Report from Sweden

Todd LaPorte, University of California - Berkeley; Final Report of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Task Force on Radioactive Waste Management

Dan Dreyfus, OCRWM; OCRWM Update and Potential Use of DOE Task Force Reports

Lynn Shishido-Topel, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners; Statement of Lynn Shishido-Topel

Dwight Shelor, DOE; System Architecture Panel Meetings

Jim Crane, TRW; Decision Hierarchy Activity

Donald Gibson, TRW; System Architecture Study

Dwight Shelor, DOE; Overview of Systems Presentations

Ron Milner, DOE; Update on the Multipurpose Canister Concept

Dean Stucker, YMPO; Focused MGDS Design

January 12

Warner North, NWTRB; Opening Statement

Jeremy Boak, YMPO; Introduction to DOE Performance Assessment

Holly Dockery, SNL; TSPA for Yucca Mountain: Sandia National Laboratories Second Iteration (TSPA-93)

Robert Andrews, M&O (INTERA); TSPA Evaluations of Alternate Thermal Loads, Waste Package Designs, and Performance Criteria

Abe Van Luik, M&O (INTERA); Integrated Report on SNL and M&O Total System Performance Assessments: Focus on What Was Learned

Jean Younker, M&O (TRW); Waste Isolation Impact Evaluation

James Duguid, M&O (TRW); Performance Assessment Efforts in Support of New Environmental Standards

Scott Sinnock, M&O (TRW);Evolution of Performance Assessment in the Yucca Mountain Project

Max Blanchard, DOE; How Will Performance Assessment Results be Used?

Robin McGuire, Risk Engineering; EPRI High-Level Waste Performance Assessment Effort

Rip Anderson, SNL; An Overview of the WIPP Performance Assessment

John Garrick, Pickard, Lowe, and Garrick; A Risk Perspective of Nuclear Waste Repository Performance Assessment

Jeremy Boak, YMPO; Summary Remarks