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April 11-12, 1994
Spring Board Meeting
Reno, NV


April 11

William Hall, Siting Commission; Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility

Fred Snider, Raytheon; Lessons Learned: Activities of the Illinois LLRW Siting Commission

Wendell Weart, SNL; Lessons Learned During Site Characterization

Klaus Kuhn, Institute for Underground Research; Gorleben - Insights from Site Characterization of a Proposed High-Level Waste Repository at Gorleben, Federal Republic of Germany

Walter Harris, University of Alberta; Siting a Hazardous Waste Facility

Lloyd Cluff, Pacific Gas and Electric Company; Managing Critical Safety Projects to Avoid "Entrenched Warfare"

James Devine, USGS; Science Controversy in the Siting of Large Engineering Projects

Lake Barrett, DOE; Administration Funding Proposal: Introduction

Stephan Brocoum, DOE; Administration Funding Proposal: Description

April 12

Russ Patterson, YMSCO; Overview of Saturated Zone Hydrology Studies

Richard Luckey, USGS; USGS/LANL/LBL Saturated-Zone Hydrology Studies

Zell Peterman, USGS; Strontium and Uranium Isotopes in Unsaturated Zone Fracture Fillings and UZ-14 Water

William Steinkampf, USGS; Saturated-Zone Water Chemistry, to Date

Michael Wilson, SNL; The Role of the Saturated Zone in Waste Isolation

Jean Younker, TRW; ,i>Approaches for Evaluating Ground-Water Travel Time

Linda Lehman, L. Lehman & Associates, Inc.; Alternate Conceptual Models in the Saturated Zone at Yucca Mountain

Richard Spengler, USGS; Structural Characteristics within the Potential Repository Area: Recent Findings - Future Studies

Robert Sandifer, Duke Engineering Services; Exploratory Studies Facility Status

Dean Stucker, YMSCO; Focused MGDS - ACD Status and Update on Thermal Loading Systems Study