U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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October 19-20, 1993
Full Board Meeting
Las Vegas, NV


October 19

Russell Dyer, YMPO; Yucca Mountain Technical Progress Update

Richard Luckey, USGS; Update on Fluid in USW UZ-14

Daniel McKenzie, M&O (Morrison-Knudsen); Update on the Exploratory Studies Facility Program

Joseph Holonich, NRC; August 20, 1993 Letter on the Exploratory Studies Facility

Carl Johnson, Nevada Nuclear Waste Project Office; State of Nevada Concerns on Pneumatic Testing

Susan Jones, YMPO; Framework of DOE's Site Characterization Testing Program

Dennis Williams, YMPO; Site Characterization Field Activities in Progress

Les Brashaw, Nye County; Nye County Independent Scientific Investigations Yucca Mountain Site Characterization Project

Arch Girdley, DOE/YMPO; Status of Testing Activities in the Field

Robert Craig, USGS; Accelerated Surface-Based Testing to Provide Information on the Undisturbed Site Ahead of ESF Construction

Christopher Rautman, SNL; Overview of Systematic Drilling Program

Dennis Williams, YMPO; Drilling Program Update

October 20

Ned Elkins, LANL; Review of Preliminary Test Planning and Status of Testing in the Exploratory Studies Facility

Michael Chornack, USGS; Characterization of the Yucca Mountain Unsaturated Zone in the Exploratory Studies Facility

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Waste Package Environment Thermal Testing Update

Ned Elkins, LANL; Future Testing in the Exploratory Studies Facility

Thomas Statton, M&O (Woodward Clyde Federal Systems); Testing Program Coordination and Integration