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November 1-2, 1993
Transportation & Systems Panel/Engineered Barrier System Panel Joint Workshop
Dallas, TX


November 1

Chauncey Starr, EPRI; Technical Aspects of Interim Storage of Spent Fuel

Robert Bernero, NRC; Transportation and Storage Requirements

Lake Barrett, OCRWM; DOE Management Strategy and Plan for the Interim Storage of Spent Fuel

Harald Ahagen, Consultant to KASAM; Swedish and European Interim Storage Experience and Perspectives on U.S. Storage Issues

Ben Smith, Tennessee Governor's Office; A Workshop on Technical Challenges and Institutional Issues of Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Mary Sinclair, Michigan citizen; Statement by Mary P. Sinclair

Ken Miller, Sacramento Municipal Utility District; Experiences From Planning an Interim On-Site Spent Fuel Storage Facility at Rancho Seco Nuclear Generation Station

November 2

Alan Wells, M&O (Duke Engineering & Services); Current and Emerging Transfer Technologies

Alden Segrest, M&O (Duke Engineering & Services); MPC Conceptual Design

Jim Clark, M&O (E.R. Johnson Associates); Effects of Prolonged Dry-On Storage and Transportation Performance of MPCs

Mohan Rao, Ontario Hydro; Canadian Interim Storage Plans & Integration with Disposal

Dean Stucker, DOE; Interactions of Repository and Multiple-Purpose Canister (MPC) Design

Hugh Benton, M&O (Babcock & Wilcox Fuel Company, Inc.); Effect of the Multiple-Purpose Canister on Thermal Loading

Jeff Williams, DOE; Compatibility of Existing Interim Storage Systems with the Waste Disposal Handling Systems

Ron Milner, DOE; Multi-Purpose Canister System Development and Planning