U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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July 13-14, 1993
Full Board Meeting
Denver, CO


July 13

Carl Gertz, DOE; Yucca Mountain Project Office Update

Don Langmuir, NWTRB; Introduction to Thermal-Loading Issues

William Simecka, YMPO; DOE Decision Strategy for Thermal Loading

Steven Saterlie, M&O-TRW; Mined Geologic Disposal System (MGDS) Thermal-Loading Systems Study

David Stahl, B&WFC-M&O; Thermal-Loading Testing Needs and Plans

Gudmundur Bodvarsson, LBL; Geothermal Systems as Analogues to Yucca Mountain: Emphasis on Hydrological Aspects

Joseph Moore, University of Utah Research InstituteInsights From Unsaturated Zone Geothermal Analogues Rock/Water Interactions in Geothermal Systems

Larry Myer, LBL; Thermal Effects on Rock Matrix and Fracture Properties

David Bish, LANL; Alteration History of Yucca Mountain Due to Thermal Effects: Analogue for a Hot Repository?

William Murphy, Southwest Research Institute Center for Nuclear Waste Regulatory Analyses; Gas-Water-Rock Geochemistry at the Proposed Yucca Mountain Repository Under Various Thermal Loads: Relations to Fluid Flow

Karsten Pruess, LBL; Heat-Driven Flow Processes at a Potential Yucca Mountain Repository

Thomas Buscheck, LLNL; Numerical Modeling of Proposed Yucca Mountain Repository Under Various Thermal Loads

Eric Ryder, SNL; Numerical Modeling of Proposed Yucca Mountain Repository Under Various Thermal Loads

Gudmundur Bodvarsson, LBL; Experience in Numerical Modeling of Geothermal Systems

July 14

Steven Saterlie, TRW - M&O; SCP Thermal Goals Reevaluation

Daniel McCright, LLNL; Corrosion Aspects Under Various Thermal Scenarios

Thomas Doering, B&WFC - M&O; Compatibility of Multi-Purpose Canister/Multi-Purpose Unit with Thermal Scenarios

Lawrence Ramspott, Designing a Mined Geologic Disposal System - When is a Thermal Loading Decision Needed?

Kal Bhattacharyya, Morrison-Knudsen (M&O); Repository Advanced Conceptual Design (ACD): Subsurface

Dale Wilder, LLNL; Waste Package Environment Thermal Tests

John Pott, SNL; ESF Thermomechanical Experiments

Robert Sandifer, TRW (M&O); ESF/Repository/Waste Package Design Integration

Robert Sandifer, TRW (M&O); ESF Changes Under Consideration

Eugene Roseboom, USGS; Extended Retrievability

Kent Ostler, EG&G, Inc.; Desert Ecosystem Water Dynamics Under Various Thermal Scenarios

Jeremy Boak, YMPO; Overview of Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) II

Holly Dockery, SNL; Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) II: Enhancements to TSPA-1991

Robert Andrews, INTERA (M&O); Total System Performance Assessment (TSPA) II: Repository Integration Program (RIP) Abstractions Analyzing Nominal Conditions

James Duguid, INTERA (M&O); Performance Assessment Efforts in Support of National Academy of Sciences Study