U.S. Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board

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January 5-6, 1993
Meeting of the Full Board
Arlington, VA


January 5

Robert Bernero, NRC; The Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

John Bartlett, OCRWM; Basis for Future Program Activities

Ronald Milner, OCRWM; Monitored Retrievable Storage/Transportation Status and Activities

E. Linn Draper, American Electric Power Company; Spent Nuclear Fuel High Level Radioactive Waste

Lynn Shishido-Topel, Illinois Commerce Commission; Statement by Lynn Shishido-Topel

F. Kenneth Moore, Virginia Power; Universal Container System for Spent Fuel Storage, Transport, and Disposal

January 6

Jeffrey Williams, OCRWM; Multi-Purpose Canister Study

Robert Williams, EPRI; Feasibility Evaluation of Universal Container System

Thomas Sanders, SNL; Transportable Storage Cask: Interim Storage Effects on Transport Reliability

William Lemeshewsky, OCRWM; System Decision Roadmap

Donald Gibson, M&O/TRW; System Decision Roadmap

Carl Gertz, YMSCO; Mission 2001